Do you need a convenient way to haul a goats?  Consider a goat tote, custom made to fit your truck or trailer.  The tote is made from sturdy 4" x 4" panel and square tubing and will hold kids or grown goats.  The door will swing or slide, your choice.  There are no sharp edges on the tote.  The tote is primed, ready to paint to compliment the color of your vehicle.     


This custom made goat tote  fits the bed of a Nissan Frontier extended cab truck.  The bed of the truck is about 4 foot long.  The tote slides in easily and is light enough for one person to load or unload.  The door slides and there is a latch for additional security.  This tote will accommodate six young does (approximately 100 lbs. each). 

This second goat tote was custom made to fit the bed of a 2002 Chevrolet Silverado with an 8 foot bed.  The tote has a sliding door, and will hold up to 20 grown does if necessary.  The cage is heavy but two people can load or unload.  

Either tote is sturdy enough to carry a grown buck. 

Provide dimensions, height x width x length, for a price quote.   


The custom made hayrack is 4 foot long and will hold a small square bale.   A covering of plywood or a tarp can be attached to keep rain off the hay.  They are made from 4 x 4 panel and square tubing welded together to produce a sturdy piece of equipment.   Also they can be broken down to three pieces for storage when not in use.  It is light enough to move from pasture to pasture or around in the barn when empty.  These hayracks can accompany goats rotated between pastures.  Call for price. 


Greg and Karla Ashabranner

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Update July 3, 2008